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Production is bringing your musical idea or song to completion, honoring your creative intent, taking risks, and pushing limits whenever possible. Songwriting, recording, arranging, editing, sound design, effects processing, and mixing are all a part of the production process. I'm extremely passionate about producing music and am always honored to help people realize their creative vision. Send me an email if you'd like to discuss a project.


I offer mixing services, either remote, or attended if you are in the Bay Area. Get in touch to discuss your project!


Tracking a full band, overdubbing, and everything in between. 

I can also provide electric bass, synth bass, guitar, synthesizers, keyboards, drum programming, and sound design for your music. Get in touch!

Rates & Studios

  • $50/hour, $320/day. 

Day rate includes myself in an engineering, performing, & producing role.

If you are looking for a specific outcome and you have a set budget, don't hesitate to reach out.

I work out of my home studio, Tiny Telephone Oakland, Brothers (Chinese) Recording, and other rooms in the East Bay Area. 

Check out the discography page or this Spotify playlist to hear my work. 

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