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Sample pack includes:

48 One Shots, spanning from triads & inversions to lush seventh chords with glistening extensions. There are many, many songs within these pads my friends. Behold them!



It started with a question and ended in one of a kind, luscious pads. 

What if one were to make chordal one shots for every chord in a key, where each note of the chord was played by a different synth? 

LB tried it out and sure enough it was glorious! 

LB particularly loves chordal one shots because they put one right in the flow state, thinking only about colors and feelings, not technicalities. LB also sucks at playing the keyboard. For this first volume of LB‘s Quality Pads,  we feature the chordal one shot sample pack from LBs initial journey. Stay tuned, more to come!

Hear a sample here.

Hear a whole track based off the pads here.

Hear another whole track based off the pads here.

Should you be so inclined, you can acquire LBs Ableton session* and cook your chords to order. Want an Aminor9 add 13? Print it! Resampling makes this a breeze, and all the luscious reverbs and delays on your aux tracks, dialed in by LB himself, will be printed into your one shot. Using pitch transposition and Ableton’s warp modes, you can create any chord imaginable. Additionally, you can alter the submix of the chord tones to your liking, add your own master buss processing… there is no limit! You can also take this idea and recreate it yourself!

In the Ableton session:

  • Track 1 is the root, played by a Moog Sub37

  • Track 2 is the fifth, played by a Prophet 6

  • Track 3 is the third, played by the Moog Sub37 with a tasty filter envelope

  • Track 4 is the seventh and LB cannot remember what synth played it but the timbre really adds to these glorious pads. 

  • You’ve got to have your ninth, so that's on track 5! Played on the OP1 with a sample of LB playing an acoustic guitar with an eBow.

  • Let’s not forget about shivery twinkles~. Also from the eBowed acoustic guitar! Those live on track 6.

  • And track seven is our resample track!

  • There are numerous easter eggs and goodies within the session, including LBs favorite custom FX rack.

Through resampling, the multiple tracks of single notes are combined into a polyphonic stereo one shot you can use in any sampler or DAW. Each scene in Ableton is an extended diatonic chord in the key of C, which means you can trigger one entire scene and get a beautiful ninth chord printed to your resample track. Need something a little zesty? Select clips at random, play them all together and see how they make you feel. If you like it, print it! 

LBs Quality Pads, Vol. 1 are sure to spawn multiple creative ideas for you and your collaborators. Whether you tremolate the pad, filter it, distort it, wash it out, or even end up muting it, LBs Quality Pads, Vol. 1  will inspire.

*Ableton live 11 or later license required


NOTE: to avoid offline samples in Ableton, be sure to Collect All and Save the first time you open LBs Quality Pads, Vol. 1 in Ableton.

LBs Quality Pads, Vol. 1

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$5.00Sale Price
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